Employee Surveillance

Employee Monitoring 3.1

Employee Monitoring 3.1: Full service EIM utility. Save time and money by installing on only one machine. Employee Monitoring is simple, anyone can install and operate it; 4) Incomplete Surveillance- Employee Monitoring is unique in that it monitors and records ALL WEB SURFING, EMAIL, INSTANT MESSAGING, DOWNLOADS, STREAMING CONTENT, and more, and provides USERNAMES and PASSWORDS. 5) Inconvenient- Through the use of its Watch List feature, Employee Monitoring alerts management early when employees begin wasting time or breaking company Internet policies

REFOG Employee Monitor Improve employee efficiency by watching their actions
REFOG Employee Monitor

Employee Monitor is unreal to detect, and is fully hidden from anyone without the password. Refog Employee Monitor is a breeze to use. It`s easy to view all or defined programs, files, or Web sites. Chats and messages in IM Software such as AIM, ICQ or Yahoo Messenger are laid out conveniently in the form of threads grouped by contacts. You don`t have to receive any education in security or surveillance to use Refog Employee Monitor, and no special

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Employee Activity LIVE Watcher Client 1.6

Secretly monitors computer, logs everything n takes screenshots every minute. Monitors PC and allows viewing screenshots and logs of what the user has done. Runs in background, takes snapshots of the desktop automatically. Password protected.

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CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 3.00: Employee Scheduler: a simple to use application for creating employee schedules
CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 3.00

Employees can use the software to request time off from their manager. The software even has a time clock that records when employees arrive and leave for the day. Employee Scheduler shows a graphical intuitive display of the employee schedules. You can view schedules by single employee, by all employees, by week, by employees in the week and by month. You can filter the schedule by day, or employee. Employee Scheduler is multi-user ready. The software

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LAN Employee Monitor 2.6: A LAN employee monitoring software which monitor the PC in LAN by Matrix screen.
LAN Employee Monitor 2.6

Employee Monitor - A LAN monitoring software, an employee monitoring software. This LAN monitoring software captures the screen of employee`s computer real time by matrix screen. In addition to this, the employee monitoring software remote control the employee`s computer, such as restart or turn off the employee`s PC, Terminate the program which is running in the employee`s computer etc. Here are some key features of LAN Employee Monitor 1. Captures

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Activity Monitor 1: Spy software and Computer Monitoring software for recording activity on remote
Activity Monitor 1

Spy software and Computer Monitoring software for recording activity on remote or local PC. Best for Employee Monitoring, Parental control or Detective purposes. Includes Keylogger, Internet monitoring, Screen recorder and other Surveillance Spyware tools.This powerful tool allows you to track any LAN, giving you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. Whether it is a library public network...

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Keyboard Monitoring Software Keyboard monitoring software capture all users activities on desktop or laptop
Keyboard Monitoring Software

employee activities during working time. Keyboard surveillance system supports all web browsers including internet explorer, Netscape navigator, Opera etc. Keystroke monitoring software does not affect performance or overall speed of computer. PC surveillance program has ability to hide its installation folders by which any external user can not view the installation directory of software. Keyboard tracker system provides help manual or menu for

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